Residential design

  • Modern style - Dining room
  • Modern style - Living room
  • Modern style - Living room
  • Modern style - Living room
  • Modern style - Kitchen
  • Modern style - Bathroom

Design: Modern style

Date: 03/06/2019

Description: The interior design of a part a house in the Modern style.

Interior design in modern style is perfect for those who do not like anything extra and what stands out from the big picture of the whole interior design. The client of this project is like this. And that was exactly how his wishes were sounded for the interior design of a part of his house.

As this part of the house does not have enough windows for good natural lighting, it was decided to use the light tones for the design of the interior. The kitchen area is a small passing room from which there are exits to two rooms. A room in which there are windows decorated as a dining room. The table located near the windows. Also, a sofa and TV placed in the dining room at the request of the client. All furniture is in light warm colors and natural light wood.

The living room is decorated in colder colors. There was added a gray color. And two black chairs became an excellent bright element of the whole interior. The same as the pictures in black and white complement the color scheme of the living room harmoniously.

The bathroom is spacious and, unlike other rooms, it is made in a light gray color.

The whole interior design of the part of a house creates a calm and relaxed atmosphere.