When we go into the house, we see the created interior design of the house already starting from the entrance. And it is important not to lose this stylistic thread to the very last room.

Foyer/Hall. If we talk about the entrance and hall, then these zones should be stylistically the same as the zones adjoined to them. In the hall, there are no special rules for planning, but this area needs decor items. The paintings look great in the hall. Don't forget to choose paintings that are suitable for the chosen style of the interior design of the house. It is also important to provide this area with sufficient lighting. You don't want to pass through the hall by having the impression that you are walking through a cave. But if the feeling of the cave is exactly what you want, then this option is also important to think over. In fact, the hall is a passing zone, that is why do not clutter up this area with a large amount of furniture.

Work/study area. If the house does not have a separate room allocated for office, then the work area or study area can always be arranged in one of the other areas of the house or apartment. The study area is usually located in the children's / teenager's bedroom. The workplace can be arranged in the bedroom or living room. Stylistically, this area is no different from the whole interior design of the room. But care must be taken to ensure that in this zone there must be everything necessary for work or study.

Walk-in closet. The walk-in closet is a logical continuation of the bedroom, where it is most often located. It is important to plan this room functionally and ergonomically. And it is important to continue the interior design of this room following the interior design of the adjoining room.

Other rooms. In the house and apartment, there are still many different rooms that perform a particular function. And we are ready for you to plan and think over the interior design of each of them. Let's plan the coziness of your home together.