The living room is the main room in the house. This is the room where we receive guests and where the tenants of this house spend most of their free time. That is why ideas for the living room should be thought out to the smallest detail. For example, the amount of furniture items depends on the choice of interior design style. It tends to use modern furniture in the minimum amount for High-tech interior design style, and bulky furniture and decorative pieces of furniture for Classic style. Different styles are characterized by different colors, different accessories and decor items. It is, by all means, important to know what style has which features.

Basically, the living room is of two types: isolated (this room is separated from the rest of the rooms by walls) and with a zonal distribution (most often this room is united with a room of another purpose to one space). The central area of the living room is usually located in front of the TV or fireplace (if available). This zone is the most spacious in the whole room. In most cases, in this area, you can see the coffee table and the carpet located on the floor. On the other side of the TV/fireplace, there is usually a sofa, which is the heart of the room. If you noticed, the bigger the family is the bigger the sofa. Also, the dimensions of the sofa depending on the chosen style of the interior. Sometimes armchairs and chairs used in the form of additional seating places. But they are not mandatory. The functionality of the sofa depends on the needs of its use. If this sofa should be as an extra bed, the right choice for this purpose is the fold-out model of the sofa. And you will always have a sleeping place for your guests. In case when the living room is united with another room to one space (for example, with a dining room), then usually the sofa acts according to its functions also as a kind of partition dividing different spaces of the same room. The design of an existing fireplace can also be decorated in the chosen interior style. It is necessary to consider how to design a fireplace area according to the chosen interior style, in order for this area will not stand out from the basic room interior style design.

Sometimes, you can see the furniture set in a living room. It helps to put all important things in it and due to the presence of this piece of furniture, the living room will never be cluttered with a lot of things. This type of furniture is not required as well as chairs and armchairs. But the walls of the living room should not be empty. Therefore, you can place shelves for decoration instead of a furniture set.

All three types of lighting are often used in this type of room. The general type of lighting is used for lighting the room. The functional type of lighting - is carried out in the form of floor lamps and sconces. This type of lighting is suitable for creating a more comfortable atmosphere, as well as it’s simply necessary for those who like to read a book or a magazine in the evening. Decorative lighting can be made in the form of decorative light bulbs, which used more as an element of the decor than for general lighting of a room.

A separate zone is created in the living room with bookshelves, a comfortable armchair, a small table and a floor lamp for those who like to read books.

And most importantly, do not forget about the elements of decor that will complement the chosen style of interior design, and because of this creates a cozy atmosphere.

The large selection of the interior design styles and their features allows us to choose exactly the style that the client will like. We will help you to find the best solution for wall colors, types of furniture and beautiful decor.