There are a huge number of kitchen design ideas. But, the kitchen is a room where functional planning is much more important than an aesthetic appearance. And combining one with the other is real art. The kitchen must be planed based on their technical capabilities (location of the gas pipe, water pipes, etc.) in contrast to the bedroom or living room. And all the designers of the Let'sMake3D studio have the necessary knowledge to plan and develop design ideas right.

Let's take a look at the basic rules of kitchen planning. The very first rule is to create a working triangle. The triangular scheme is required for the placement of the refrigerator, sink, and stove. How does this scheme work? It must be comfortable to remove products from the refrigerator, take them to the sink, clean and wash, chop and cook on a stove. The following rule is a certain arrangement of the sink and washing machine, stove and oven. There are specific requirements for the height of the working surface, the distance from one kitchen appliance to another. If we summarize all the rules and requirements for the kitchen, we can conclude that the kitchen is a room in which everything should be thought out to the smallest detail. And our designers will be happy to help you with this.

The kitchen is also divided into 3 zones (according to the working triangle): storage, cooking and washing area. It may be kitchen wall cabinets, refrigerator or shelves in the first zone. The second zone includes a stove, microwave oven, and oven. And in the third zone, there is a sink, a dishwasher, and kitchen cabinets for the plates and other dishes. This simple principle of zoning will help to plan a kitchen design even at its very initial stage.

In addition to the rules of planning, you must also take into account the type of kitchen layout. In total there are six types of kitchen layouts: Galley, One-wall, U-Shaped, L-Shaped, Island and Peninsular or G-Shaped kitchen. But not every type of kitchen layout is suitable for a small space, as well as for a large one.

It is recommended to use light and neutral tones for small kitchens, as in other rooms. The light walls will help visually expand the space. But using only light colors can make the kitchen faded and uninteresting. An excellent way out of this situation can be the addition of a dark element to the interior of the kitchen.

There may also be a dining table if the dimensions of the kitchen space allow. And if you have the Island or Peninsular (G-Shaped) kitchen layout, then the island or connected island can also serve as an eating area.

In addition to planning, it is important to choose finishing materials that will play a major role in the kitchen interior design. For example, Minimalist and Hi-tech interior design styles must surely include elements of metal or glass. The decoration should not contain unnecessary elements of decor, and the shape of the furniture must be geometrically correct. The color combinations are monochrome. The surfaces are smooth and shiny. And when you see this room you will exactly understand in what interior design style this kitchen is made.

Even the most spacious and bright kitchen can be made sullen, uncomfortable and cluttered. This may be the result of improper functional and aesthetic kitchen planning. A huge variety of interior design styles will help to create comfort even in the smallest kitchen. Beautiful shelves or wall cabinets, patterned furniture or modern simplicity, plenty of natural light or zoned lights - it a large selection of different taste preferences and we help you create the interior design of the kitchen exactly the one that you will like.