The design of each room of a house or apartment is thought out according to its purpose. And for each room the interior design is important. The bathroom needs interior design style and ideas too.

We wish to achieve a sense of relaxation in the interior when we designing a bedroom. In the kitchen - it is the desire to create culinary works of art. The feeling of comfort and warmth we want to experience in the living room. And it is important not to spoil all the sensations from the harmonious design of all other rooms in the design of the bathroom.

The size of the bathroom can be large and small. And ideas we can turn into reality depends on the size of this room. For example, whether a bathroom will have a bathtub may depend not only on the specific preferences of the client but on the size of the room.

The basic rule for small bathrooms is the more free space is on the floor, the bigger room visually. Free space can be achieved by installing a wall-mounted toilet, installing a sink on a thin stand or wall mount vanity cabinet, placing a shower stall instead of a bathtub, or installing a bathtub on elegant elevated figure feet. It is necessary to choose light nude shades for the choice of color for a small bathroom. And certainly, it is the right idea to use mirrors.

But in a large spacious bathroom, you can turn into reality more design ideas. You don't need to choose what to install a shower or bathtub in this room. Here you can place both of them. Also, you can place two sinks if this is a Master bathroom for the couple. You cannot be afraid to use dark materials and bright colors in large bathrooms.

Let's move away from standards that are so often boring and bring new ideas to life. We are sure that some modern ideas and solutions will appeal to you. If you are a living together couple, then a double shower behind the partition is so convenient. No need to wait until one takes a shower, but you can do it right away together. It is convenient and so necessary for people who value every minute of their time. And if you like the interior design of a bathroom in the Luxury style, then the choice of marble to finish the floor and walls - this is exactly what you need. And who likes modern simplicity, then use a large number of metal surfaces in this room. A white bathroom is an absolute classic. But add there at least a small section of bright colored tiles and you will see a beautiful bright transformation of the classical idea to the modern trend. And if the bathroom has a large window, then the bathtub must be placed under this window, which will become the central decoration of the entire room. It is enough to make one of the walls completely mirrored in order to increase the small bathroom. And these are just some of the ideas that our designers can offer. We will be able to think in detail about the interior design for your very small or very large bathroom.