The exterior design of a home or any commercial premises is important just as the interior design. It can be done when the interior design is already completed or not yet done. But if the interior design of the home, shop, the cafe is possible to see only being inside of it, then everyone sees the exterior. If the house or the facade of commercial premises is devoid of exterior design, a gloomy or boring appearance of the facade will leave the first impression, even if you have a very beautiful interior design. The exterior design is like a visiting card of this premise. And everything in this design should be thought out and combined. Therefore, our recommendation to you is to entrust this question to professional designers.

Each of us had moments when passing by a series of houses, we do not focus our attention on their design, but suddenly, a beautiful house attracts our attention. It seems to be the same as all others, but everything is harmoniously united in it. It is harmony and balancing of forms and symmetries that are so important in exterior design. Everything is important in the design of the exterior - the material from which the roof is made, the finishing material, windows, doors, porch, etc. And this harmonious combination of all of this is what attracts our eyes and gives a reason to look at every thoughtful detail. The same applies to the commercial exterior design.

An important requirement for the exterior design is to match the appearance to its purpose. The appearance of the facade of the premise should reflect the essence or nature of what is inside. Therefore, the exterior design is directly related to interior design. One must complement the other.

A huge selection of materials for the exterior design allows you to realize absolutely any design. But do not forget that the strength and reliability of these materials play an important role in the fulfillment of this design.

The color scheme for exterior design is so diverse that sometimes it is difficult to decide which color to choose. But the choice of a particular color can both hide flaws and show them brightly. The most correct solution for color design is the use of two shades of the same color, differing by several tones. Also, in this case, a bright accent looks beautiful. This accent can be a bright door, window frames or shutters. There are a large number of colors in the exterior design that will help to hide the weak side or highlight the strengths.

Properly chosen roof for the house is not a matter of choosing the color or shape. This is a choice of durable material. Therefore, it is extremely important that the shape of the roof you have chosen is made of durable material. Then the roof appearance will be not only beautiful but also reliable.

As for the windows of the house or commercial premises, their choice is more than just a functional element. Windows should reflect the nature of the house or other premises. The choice of the appearance of windows is rather more amazes with size than with appearance. The choice of huge windows from ceiling to floor is inherent to the modern style of exterior and interior design. Small rectangular windows are more suitable for traditional styles. But the importance of the functionality of the windows remains the same. During the daytime, the windows allow sunlight to penetrate the room, and in the evening - they give the exterior design a certain charm due to the light that is visible inside the premise.

But the exterior design of the house is not just the right choice of facade colors, window size, door color, and roof shape. This is also the area in front of the facade and door. Provide this area with external lighting. Decorate this part of the area with live plants. If your house has a porch, then place comfortable chairs on it. All these elements will give the house comfort and attractiveness.

We are developing the exterior design for residential and commercial real estate. Our designers will be happy to suggest ideas for the exterior of your home, shop, cafe, etc. And your home or commercial premise will be the place to which the people passing by will pay attention.