Commercial interior design as residential interior design has its own characteristics and requirements for the planning and functional placement of furniture, as well as for the stylistic design of the interior. The design of the office, the design of the cafe and restaurant, the design of the hotel are all commercial designs, where the requirements for interior design are completely dependent on the intended use of the space. Each of these types of projects is not just walls, windows, doors and designs decorated in the same style. It is much more. Each area of commercial design has its own character.

When designing an office interior, it is first necessary to know the technical requirements for placing furniture in a particular room/zone. The zonal distribution of rooms should be practical and ergonomic. The interior design of the reception and waiting area should be comfortable for customers. Usually, in this zone, there is a comfortable sofa, armchairs, a coffee table, and a TV, and the reception area is zonally separated by a reception desk. The interior design of this area should give customers a sense of relaxation, and also reflect the direction of the company that functions in this office. This is the main task of designing the interior design of an office. Workplaces of specialists who work with clients are usually located in one large common space, but can also be located in separate offices. It depends on the direction of the company and the wishes of the client for the interior design project. Often, offices also have space for meetings, a kitchen, and a rest area for staff. The office of a head manager is mainly different by the type of furniture. In this room, the furniture set is more presentable. A modern solution for the separation of zones and rooms are glass or decorative wooden partitions. As well as in the interior design of residential premises, there are a huge number of interior design styles for the design of commercial premises. Each style has its own characteristics and not every style is suitable for the interior design of an office of a particular activity.

The design of a cafe or restaurant can be both very strict and very funny. In many ways, the style of interior design depends on the target audience of visitors, as well as the atmosphere, which the client wants to achieve in the interior design. It is unlikely that you will see a children's cafe, decorated in black, as well as a fashionable restaurant in a bright pink color. While planning the location of furniture, it is important to remember about the privacy that visitors of the restaurant want so much. The right lighting plays a huge role in such premises. For example, muffled light is more relaxing in restaurants. It is important to think over the design of the whole space in the cafes and restaurants, from the entrance to the washroom. To make the visitors feel this atmosphere of beauty in all corners of the place.

Other commercial projects, such as a hotel, shop, salon, etc., also have their own nuances and requirements for the development of the interior design. And we will be happy to discuss with you how you see these premises in your imagination in order to create a 3D visualization of the future interior design of your business.