About us

LET’SMAKE3D - is a rapidly developing interior and exterior design studio. Also we are engaged in modeling of interior items and other objects. Our main goal is to implement our clients’ dreams in to the 3D-format. This is what helps us to make this transition – from invisible to visible, so visible can later become a reality. The uniqueness of each project reflects the particularity of every client. We create both interior and exterior design not only for residential but also for commercial real estate.

The LET’SMAKE3D team consists of creative people with a constant desire for professional growth and mastering new skills, which are the key elements for the accomplishment of design projects. Each member of our team knows and loves what they do, have their own vision and strengths, which help us to have an individual approach to each project.

Eugene Kashpurenko Eugene Kashpurenko founder / designer

“In my opinion, the design is not just harmoniously selected colors, materials and correctly arranged furniture. The most important thing is to create the right atmosphere in the space. Therefore, the atmosphere expected by the clients is my starting point in creating an individual design.

I am very happy that we can help our clients to create a suitable vibe in their interiors.”

Katrine Aleshina Katrine Aleshina designer

“There is a certain versatility in interior design. The demonstration of this versatility is displayed by the nature and lifestyle of everyone who lives or works in this space. This important detail makes each project unique. And correctly reflected versatility in the picture is a challenge that I accept every time I start a new project.”

Julia Sidenko Julia Sidenko project manager

“I really like to chat with people. Communication with a client is not just collecting the necessary information and data. It is an opportunity to get to know the client better so that the final product exceeds expectations. Sometimes things that are not essential to the client are vital for the design. Finding these important details is an integral part of my work.”